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The product is introduced:
Planning integrated circuits using a large CPLD, paste technology, a higher degree of accuracy. 2 high-reliability, high performance, good applicability. 3, on the function of cumulative flow can be recorded before the 64 days running, before running on 64, the former five years running the cumulative flow. 4, the power management features, the former record of 64 on electricity, power time and time off on the instantaneous flow of people and is willing to increase power flow automatically fill function. 5 effectively overcome the wall of the attenuation of the ultrasonic signal and the rough surface of the pipeline within the scattering of ultrasonic signals, ultrasonic signal from the surface to reduce energy consumption. 6 overcome a small amount of sediment, suspended particles and bubbles to signal the impact of the increased flow measurement accuracy, particularly suited to large-diameter pipeline flow measurement. 7 use of specialized tools so that sensors in the hole with water pressure kept the situation under installation, with the unique pressure demolition and installation methods, does not affect normal production, on-line at any time to complete the replacement and repair. 8 solve the pipeline wall by scaling or corrosion serious, the use of folders sensor signal weak measurement of the problem is not normal. Compared to other types of flowmeter (such as electromagnetic flowmeter), in the large-diameter pipeline, more cost-effective.