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Announce time:2008-3-3 14:38:09  Clicks:53089
The product is introduced:
Product Name: fixed ultrasonic flowmeter
Model: MKflo-2000F
Measurement medium: water, water, industrial effluent pH of various oils such as liquid can conduction of sound.
Measurement precision: better than 1.0%
Velocity range: 0 to 30m / s
Measuring diameter: DN15 to DN6000
Sensor type: choose large, medium and small, dengan sensor inserted sensor standards of blocking sensors
Signal output :4-20 mA Power: 220 VAC

Fixed ultrasonic flowmeter non-contact flow measurement methods, compact, robust, the international advanced die-cast aluminium chassis Apply to the scene pipeline flow measurement of all sizes, large-screen LCD backlight can be shown instantaneous flow, total flow, velocity and time parameters.
4-20mA, OCT (cumulative pulse frequency), relay output RS-232 or RS-485 2 Road will be able to 4 ~ 20 mA current signal (such as: temperature, pressure, liquid level, etc.) SARS Prevention operators misoperation password lock protection A voice alarm alerts (such as: circuit fault, etc.)
Basic technical parameters of the project performance and parameters Host backlit LCD display can be instantaneous flow, total flow rate, flow velocity, time, energy data Signal output current output :4-20 mA or 0-20 mA, 0-1 impedance K, 0.1% accuracy
OCT output: positive, negative, the net cumulative total flow and heat pulse or instantaneous flow-frequency signals Relay: the importation of nearly 20 kinds of signal source (such as a signal, reverse flow, etc.)
Voice warning: buzzer alarm can be issued in accordance with sound settings (such as excessive flow, too small) Input signals can be entered from two directions and current signals (such as: temperature, pressure, liquid level signal), thus realizing the heat measurements or a dual-purpose machines Automatic memory before 64, the former 64, the former five-year cumulative flows
Automatic memory before 64 calls and power outages and traffic can be manually or automatically fill in, to reduce the loss of user traffic Automatically recorded before the flowmeter 64, the work of the state is normal and abnormal state of the number of Data Interface: pre-configuration for RS-232, matching RS-232/RS-485 converter can be turned into RS-485 mode Programmable volume (quantitative) controller Cable length Model: SYV50-3-T principle, the shorter, the better to reduce interference, and can be extended to 300 meters, if we take bold long cable, but users should not pay attention to cable and high voltage power lines parallel, as far as possible to avoid Inverter Pipeline situation pipe steel, stainless steel, cast iron, cement pipes, copper, PVC, aluminium, fibreglass, plastic and other hard metal, allowing lining
Straight sensor installed at the best meet: 10 D upstream and downstream 5 D, 30 D from the pump outlet (mean diameter D) Dielectric measurements of water, sea water, industrial effluent pH of various oils such as liquid can conduction of sound Flow range 0 ~ 30m / s Measurement accuracy is better than 1% (which is the first domestic achieve this precision ultrasonic flowmeter) DC8 power AC220V or AC7 ~ ~ 36V or 30V 2 W power consumption (domestic models in the same kind of power minimum) Weighs 2.5Kg
Dimensions: mm units
Wiring diagram:
The sensor can be allocated election
Standard S-type sensors (magnetic)
Apply diameter DN15-DN100
Fluid temperature 110
M-sensor standards (magnetic)
Apply diameter DN15-DN700
Fluid temperature 110 standard L-type sensor
DN300-diameter applicable DN6000
110 fluid temperature sensor inserted (1) can be directly
applied to the pipeline welding
Diameter above apply DN50
Fluid temperature 110
Mkflo2000G standards of struts ultrasonic flowmeter Mkflo2000G standards of the struts of the ultrasonic flowmeter from similar foreign products on its own design and development of high-tech products, their characteristics: high measurement accuracy better than 0.5%, stable and reliable on-line measurement, the whole structure sealed waterproof protection up to IP68 rating, users Integration can choose to display the scene. Site installation simple, no debugging. Their excellent price-performance electromagnetic flowmeter is the ideal replacement products, especially for large diameter medium flow measurement, the price advantage has become more prominent. Can be widely applied in the measurement of water, sewage, chemicals, power plants and other energy fields.