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Dalian Mike Flow Control Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful scenery, pleasant scenery of the southern coastal Dalian; Dalian base of high-tech industries.
Dalian Mike Flow Control Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in fluid process control instrumentation, fluid control systems development and production enterprises. Companies with a number of well-known companies at home and abroad, development and production of a variety of flow and liquid (thing) in measurement and control instrumentation. Which ultrasonic flowmeters, ultrasonic level gauge widely used in products such as water, sewage treatment, power generation, paper, wine, metallurgical, petrochemical and other industries. Dalian companies take full advantage of this instrument base and important trading ports, and extensive contacts with foreign enterprises in the same industry leading manufacturers, and related products to research and development, is now a considerable scale, especially in the fluid measurement and control instrumentation, it has a considerable experience and advantages. The company also committed to the instrument control and automation package works projects, at present, the oil fields, power plants, water plants, sewage treatment, metallurgy, paper and other industries are covered, the company has dozens of large and medium-sized enterprises to provide the products and technologies services, and the earliest to establish relations of close cooperation. Comprehensive technical capabilities, quality customer service in the market, the company won a good reputation. The aim is to rely on our years of professional experience to provide customers with the best overall design, the most applicable technology and the highest ratio of performance to price products and convenient service.